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Abbreviation for "Late Night Taco Run", primarily to Taco Bell. LNTRs usually occur after 11pm in the company of a close friend or two. Commonly used for bro time, catching up, quenching late night hunger, etc.
S: Hey man, you down for a LNTR?
C: Sure dude! Pick me up?
S: Be there in 10
by SteveMachine93 February 01, 2015
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an acronym for Late Night Tampon Runs. used by women who send their friends out to stores to buy tampons when they're too lazy to go yourself or when you don't want to go alone because you're scared that you'll buy 7 tubs of ice cream like you did last month.
Julie: hey Josh, can you go on a LNTR for me? I'm so tired

Josh: ohh you and your femininity.
by Jason Blackard June 11, 2011
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