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to laugh your raging boner off..sort of like LMAO..Laugh My Raging Boner Off
Bethshnoz: I snuk into a confessional at church to give myself a creamcake, and the priest walked in.
Cornelious: Damn man that must of been akward.
Bethshnoz: No man it was quite enjoyable.
Cornelious: EWWW WTF!
Bethshnoz: LMRBO
by Zach August 28, 2006
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a combination of IGARB and LMAO. The result being "LMRBO" = Laughing My Raging Boner Off! To be used only in extremely funny or awkward sexual situations.
Delonte: Dude I skipped out on school yesterday and went home.
J-Kwon: aw that's tiight as shit.
Delonte: Nah, man. I walked through the door and saw my dad captaining the train of a lemon party.
J-Kwon: eww..what???
Delonte: it gets mom was there.
J-Kwon: Your mom is a MILF! IGARB!!
Delonte: Shut up man! She was filming it naked and playing with anal beads.
J-kwon: LMRBO!!!
by todd the rod August 30, 2006
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