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A school in kingston, Ontario Canada. It is a great school and has been open for many years. Althought it is not very good in sports we make up for it in brains with being very good in math and music. Our school colours is green and gold. We only have the best good looking people go there and learn in the building.
Loyalist Collegiate and Vocational Institute (LCVI)

Person 1:Hey what school do you go to?
Person 2: I go to LCVI
Person 1: Oh cool i wish i went there!!
by Hudkths November 12, 2008
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a secondary school in Kingston Ontario that services drug dealers, addicts, white trash, skids, prostatots etc. located in the middle of Kingston but just north of the part where you can have a good time without doing crystal meth (downtown) I ride by there everyday and have yet to see an attractive person coming out of, going in to or surrounding that place
Jeff: what's your cousin Mike like these days?
Ray: he's hooked on crack, boosts cars, and overall just a skid
Jeff: when did he start going to lcvi?
by lancer hater July 11, 2006
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