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Lack of Content Lovers:

Persons who play MMORPG games, who consider the back-story of the game a nuisance. Typically, the dialogue that fleshes out the story of said game is presented in one of two ways: Textual or Audible

LCLz'ers will frantically click-through, or Esc, the dialogue trees in order to meet the end result, typically an XP grant.
Example of LCLz:

Starsailormoon: ((clicks on quest giver))

Princess Leia: Starsailormoon, you are our only ho..

Starsailormoon: ((hits Esc to break the dialogue tree))

Princess Leia: Will you help us in our time of need?

Starsailormoon: ((frantically clicks the Accept button))

Princess Leia: Thank you Star...

Starsailormoon: ((pounds the Esc key))
by Robert Wicker June 19, 2010
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