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Lamron- Means normal spelt backwards. Normal is the street that runs through a Chicago neighborhood where rapers Chief Keef, Lil Druk, Rondonumbanine, La Capone and others are from. They say their street name backwards as sort of a code. This is more used for the police so they have a harder time differentiating where rappers, cliques, gangs are from. In some city's they change the direction of street signs so that when running from police they know exactly where they are but the Police will be all mixed up and when and if calling for back up it will be late or not able to assist due to wrong directions.
In the begging of some songs or in their songs in general or mix tapes, these rappers will shot out their block. "We out here posted up on this block, and bitch we Lamron crazy
Lamron crazy bitch yea we Lamron crazy (3hunna)
by Brains Rotten August 31, 2014
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The act of being abnormal, exuding abnormalities, breaking the status quo.

Exuding the personalities or characteristics of a nonconformist.
Don't be a brainwashed drone like all the other retards in our area, be lamron!
by Aufregung, Vampire Prince October 05, 2008
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