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The LABW is the League of Angry Black Women. This is a hate group filled with the most entitled and predatory black women in the community. Their goal is to own black men like property. Their methods involve shaming, coercion, manipulation, and abuse. They will also employ the corniest of black men to enact those methods in the hopes of further controlling black men. Their greatest fear is that a successful black man will find happiness and love in a non-black woman (unsuccessful black men are of no concern to them). This league suffers from black female entitlement. They feel as though they must shame black men into leaving non-black women (similar to white male entitlement). Due to their predatory nature, many are borderline rapists ad they will not take no for an answer. It is best to avoid the LABW in order tonlive a happy and fulfilling life.
I'm dating a beautiful asian woman, but the LABW is angry about it.
by Brittany4lyfe April 09, 2017
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