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Talk Park:- a thread will be L4G (locked for gay) if the stupidty level exceeds 9000. In other words, it shows that the "humour" in a thread isn't funny in the slightest. A thread that has felt the wrath of L4G may no longer be posted in, and remains as undying testament to the member's n00bishness.
(1) lol i ate too many baked beans and farted. dat's funny.

(2) lolwut? l4g.
by tpkj July 21, 2009
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L4G is a christian group, to promote clean, fair, and brotherly play. Its members are spread over any MP game you could imagine. Although some people may find our methods unpleasant, incorrect or parasitical, L4G is yet strongly supporting legitimate and cheat-free gameplay - we're just sharing the love of god with all the people that we meet. We are a closed community, but open to all members of the priesthood of all believers. No scientologists/bronies/atheists allowed.
L4G, left 4 god, left 4 grief, left4god, left4grief
by 420xb00m3rxTriiKSh0TzZ March 24, 2012
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