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Adjective-/Verbal-Participle; Originally from Hebrew infinitive form of the verb "to make/do" (`-s-h), borrowed into Talmudic Aramaic, and then borrowed into the common vernacular.
Definition: Practically speaking, practically, realistically, in practicality, in action.
Pronounced /lmaisa/, with the vowel between the el and em being omitted, or pronounced like the vowel in "bit" or "bet". This vowel can hover somewhere in between that area of pronunciation. Stress the nuclear (middle) syllable.
Used by Jews in everyday speech. It's not particular to any language, but it is most commonly used in English. The word is inflected with the use of auxiliary verbs, like in Yiddish. The word is best said with emphasis and a tad of sing-song.
See Yeshivish.
"I *was* going to write a book, but then I realized that *l'maisa* the logistics didn't work out."
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by Shibbolet July 24, 2018
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