57. Just because you L the C doesn't mean we have to S the D.
by Heitor January 9, 2008
Girl: Just because you L the C, doesn't mean I have to S the D.
by JyGrftnDwdy December 25, 2007
when you cant use the actual words...Lick my Cunt
OH YAH?! well you can L my C!
by Tooney Jameson October 1, 2007
Low Marble Count. A condition of non compos mentis or occasional, mental deterioration. AAADD, aging adult attention deficit disorder, occasional forgetfulness, and destinesia are other symptoms.
Due to our advancing L. M. C. my friend Barb and I give each other a fresh bag of marbles on our birthdays.
by sunnyjay November 22, 2011
To like and comment on a new post usually on Instagram

Also with recent posts
Oi what do you think of this pic, l+c it yeah?
by Iheartchickennugs January 19, 2019