A phrase used by children with down's syndrome and overweight internet nerds who play a poser game called Dark Ages, since the game filters "LOL" in its natural form.
Random chunky redheaded loser: "PMFG I JUST OWNED UR CHAR IN TEH ARENA! LO!L SNAP OWNED!11"
by ^_________^ April 15, 2004
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A phrase uttered when a person believed that they have said a particularly funny phrase.
Aztaroth said, "I'm thinking of something small and hard." Krytos replied, "Your penis. LO!L SNAP OWNED!"
by ~ May 28, 2003
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When you snap three times in the shape of an L after a snarky comment. Some people call it the Z snap. Those people, are dumbos.
"Oh no you didn't!" (L Snap)
by PoopyJoeBrown May 30, 2011
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