An L shape is a way to arrange produce items (fruits and vegetables)that will please the customer's eye.
Wow man I really like the look of those bananas, you gotta love that L shape.
by Jooss_Jackson December 16, 2008
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One of the many movie sex scene clichés when the two actors are under the sheets while the man's chest is exposed and the womans breasts are unexposed, forming a rotated "L".
Oh damn those stupid L-shaped blankets. I get all horny and can't even see the chick's damn tits. I'm turning this shit off and slipping in a porno.
by Damien Dante June 30, 2009
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The best thing to come to the sims 4 since being able to BBQ babies
Argh, my house needs needs some improvments. *Makes L-Shaped stairs* WOOHOO PERFECT
by vegandumplings September 9, 2019
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