A word derived from the hit television show South Park. This happens when one gets shorted, gypped or cheated out of money, goods or services. This coincidently follows Jewish stereotype, due to the fact Kyle is Jewish. It can also mean to ridicule someone after he/she delivers a great punch line in a politically incorrect or racial joke amidst all the laughter.

Ghetto -- Kyle’d -- Example ----

Soon to be Kyle'd Angry black: Yo word is bond son, I heard that fool McCain is so old, he helped Moses load the Ark.

Kyle'in Politically correct black: Seriously Tyrone, that’s not funny. His age is irrelevant and you know Obama is going to win, so who cares.

Kyle'd Very angry black: Yo nigga you keep that up and you gonna get Debo’d (see Debo’d) fo’ yo Mello’s. Why er’ time I clown that old fool, I get Kyle’d by yo fake black ass?

White Trash dinner table -- Kyle’d --Example -----

White trash mother: Cletus!!!! Pass the bacon, you momma is starving!!!!

Cletus white trash son: UUH ok momma, hey they got a new black in class they do…hes as black as Wesley Snipes butt hole momma……

Politically correct sister: Dammit Cletus grow up!!!! Ray is smart, articulate and polite…that’s uncalled for you, you, you...Harleyman!!! (see Harleyman)

White trash mother: Dammit you little liberal skank!!!! Get yo thin ass in yo room, no dinner fur u tonite missy!!!!! If Cletus gets Kyle’d again by you, its your ass!!!!!

Jewish Transaction --Kyle’d --Example ----

Saul the Jeweler: I’m sorry Mr. Angelo, but I cant go any cheaper on the watch repair…

Mr Angelo: You damn thief, that’s robbery you told me 1000$ not 1195.75$$ Im sick of being nickled and dimed then Kyle’d by you and your people, go back to the dessert for another 40 years…..

Saul: Whatever you human pizza, I hope you phart (see phart) yourself nonight.
by TB2_nola February 16, 2009
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A workplace term for making plans for a group lunch destination then leaving a person behind(generally named Kyle).
We all went to Chili's for lunch, but Jason got Kyled.
by CrashW007 May 17, 2007
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When you’re your buddy throws you under the bus, or dimes you out.
When Kyle stole some butter from the live in trailer, he kyled every one on shift by calling up Hanna and telling her what we did
by RON P October 06, 2007
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To be Kyle'd is to be screwed by a co-worker who leaves early saying he is done when he isn't really.

Named for a Kyle who likes to clock out 3-5 min early while saying things like, "I gotta go all I have left are floors but I don't have enough time"
Employee: "Hey man I'm all done, can I go?"
Manager: "You sure your done? You better not Kyle me."
Employee: "I'm not, gonna Kyle you!"
Manager: "Alright get outta here then."

Manager comes out looks arounf and floors still need done, and nothing is wiped down.

Manager: "Dammnit I've been KYLE'D"
by Monkey Toker August 04, 2006
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having been sexually assaulted by the general region of the testicles of an ilgenfritz
omg he just kyled my ipod!!!
by adsasdf January 12, 2009
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to invent a wildly inaccurate number so as to make a partisan point.

Based upon Arizona Sen. John Kyl's assertion that abortions accounted for "well over 90 percent of what Planned Parenthood does" In fact, abortions represent approximately 3 percent, according to Planned Parenthood's statistics.
He Kyled Alicia when he told her that 78 percent of serious crimes are committed by paroled felons. She totally believed his lie.
by ecurgus April 13, 2011
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