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Kwizianity is a religion different from others and obviously have different beliefs from those. It is not a religion based on how you have lived your life that determines if u go to hell or heaven. It is based on how you felt or more so what you was doing at the time of death. Positive feeling or action taking place at this time results in a spot in heaven. A negative feeling or action at this time results in a spot in hell. It does not have anything to do with the way you lived your life previously. Once this time comes you fall asleep instantly and proceed to dream. A good dream results in heaven and a bad dream or a nightmare results in hell. Then you do not magically arrive as the same state in heaven or hell as the time that you died, you are born again and will live on from there.

Kwizianity was formed by Kwiz who believed in this theory and was also its creator. He did not believe much in a god or a devil but rather so a heavenly place or a corrupted place as an enviornment for afterlife. He believed that afterlife is just a state of mind as well as heaven and hell.


Sleep is the cousin of death.
At the time of death, the person falls asleep instantly and proceed to dream.
A positive dream or a good dream results in heaven.
A negative dream or a nightmare results in hell.
This occurs by how the person was feeling at the time of death or rather so the action takeing place involving the person.
You are born again during the afterlife and will live from there.
Afterlife, heaven and hell are all just a state of mind.
Kwizianity is a different religion from others which states that afterlife is a state of mind.
by Chase Simmons May 29, 2007
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