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A Chav slang term describing a person as Gay or Bisexual.

Often said in deliberation when joking between two close chav friends, but generally the word is used as an insult toward others tp provoke a fight.

Kweeer also describes the look of a metrosexual.
"Mark ya Kweeer..give me a Ciggie"

"Oi Charlie..Look at that old Kweeer givin it the big en about us over there"

"That coppers a Kweeer cunt"

"Bang him up with the Nonces & Kweeers"

Lad 1 - "Excuse me mate but thats my girlfriend your trying to pull"

Lad 2 - "What the fuck you doing with her, you looks like a kweer cunt love, she's with me now..huh huh.."
by Drewgie May 28, 2008
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