Juniors big sister (or often referred to as “brother”)

Known as “kap, kappi , krappy , Kat , kathy , kramp stamp , krampled, etc”

A bit unhinged but seemingly normal in comparison to her baby brother J

junior rarely mentions his sisters as his OVERLY HUGE EGO causes him to see himself as truly individual with no equal or relatives.

Kap loves Tupac and previously dated Jonah hill
Kvampled is a nuisance” -Junior Grimes, probably

Kvampled isn’t even my name!!” -kvampled



I think kvampled resembles a dog and someone needs to put her back on a leash


Junior doesn’t need kvampled unless some girls are giving him trouble which is when he always come back crying for her help, lol it’s pathetic really
by Unknown marsupial December 14, 2021
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