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Kuzma is a type of puffer fish originating from the Czech Republic. These puffer fish are unique in that they love to surf on top of waves rather than just splashing and relaxing under the water with the other fish. Their diet consists of mainly organic sea vegetables.

Possibly due to pollution (as a result of toxic waste dumping) or as part of the evolutionary process these fish have mutated in many interesting ways; for example… they have webbed club like appendages. Unlike most fish, they have unusually large, yet surprisingly esthetically pleasing big toes. They also have short fat and incredibly fast fingers. These fish are also known to rest head down/vertical in the water, giving the appearance of a floating headstand.
Kuzma has transcended being a name for a certain type of Czech puffer fish. Kuzma is slang for a plethora of characteristics;

1. If someone loves to surf: they are so Kuzma.

2. If they play the piano with super fast finger speed: they are very Kuzma.

3. If someone likes doing yoga headstands: they are such a Kuzma.

4. They have beautiful big bubbly toes: so completely Kuzma.

5. If they hang upside down like a bat from megatron: that's

a Kuzma thing to do.
by yogananda73 February 05, 2010
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