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Kushbada is a part of the Hammalayas Mountain Range in India. Its current elevation is 18,500 feet. This mountain was named Kushbada which in 2,000 year old indian (aka rondolian) means "highest peak." This mountain range was the first known area to contain 100% pure marijuana. This helped in the naming of the purest form marijuana also known as kush. Kush in rondolian ( which is a language rarely spoken these days) actually means "highest." The word Kush has actually evolved through kushba which evolved through kushbada. Kushbada is currently a large city in India with a population of 80,000. The number one export of kushbada is marijuana and number one import is rice.
I saw you're crackhead cousin. Which one? The one from Kushbada.
by Crackhead Mike August 31, 2006
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