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Someone who really doesnt give a shit n does whatever the fuck he/she likes.
1 : Yo what the fuck is that guy doing
2 : That guy's a fkin kusa bro im telling uuuu, he does what he wants
by Kaprion July 29, 2017
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Degrading punjabi slang.
Twat, Transvestite
Jas: That tosser nicked my sweets!!!
Juggy: Na, blood! Lets get the sala KUSA!!!!
by Gangsta_G March 17, 2004
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1. a young teenager who closely resembles the rat "gus" from cinderella.

2. A ball with metal teeth
1. Holy shit! Is that a kusa? I thought it was a giant rat.

2. Looking at that kusa makes me feel better about myself.
by mexicanarab April 27, 2006
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