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A 17 year old male character from the Manga/Anime Hunter x Hunter.

His clan was killed and he seeks revenge against the killers.

When his emotions go out of control his eyes turn scarlet red, which was the reason his clan was killed in the first place.

He first fights with two swords yet later uses a chain made of Nen.
Who is that avenger from Hunter x Hunter?

by Pika-sama June 24, 2009
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A man often mistaken as a girl that is well mannered and well liked, beware of this trap as it will come back to haunt you.
It's a woman, no it's a man, no that's Kurapika.
by purple crocodile June 23, 2009
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One of the main four in Hunter x Hunter, and somehow the most relatable character even though not many of us lose their entire fucking family because of a greasy haired boy.
The depressed bitch who probably combs his hair every 10 minutes and asks everyone for respect even though he doesn't respect himself.
The type guy who whispers randomly "I want to die" in the middle of a funeral.
But wait, is he a girl???? Is his earring on the gay side???? Who cares he's still relatable as fuck have a good day.
Man, I know you hate life and stuff but don't be like Kurapika.

Kurapika:If I wanted to kill myself I would climb your ego and jump to your IQ.
by Minlemxxn August 09, 2018
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decidedly male character in HunterxHunter who is blessed with the face of a beautiful girl.
one who is a nen user from Specialization and Materialization classes.
red-eyed hottie
one who possesses amazing strength and a bad temper
member of the Kuruta tribe
person who hates spiders
current lover of Rena Zaoldyeck
You hate spiders? Wow, you're such a Kurapika
Kurapika is a MALE
by RenaZaoldyeck June 30, 2010
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