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Kulao is a religion, a culture, a way of being. Created in Dominican Republic by two young men who saw life a different way as other people saw it. The name "Kulao" originated from their soccer team, with all integrants seeing life the way this two people saw it. Kulao is something unexplainable but far reasearch show how Kulauran people are just "Tossed" or in spanish "Lansados" theyre just analyzing the ambient and are really realistic, they never have fake ilusions. They are faithfull to each other. There is something called "Box of Ilussions" a box where each time you get an illussion, deeper in the box you go. After you are really deep, its really sad for others who see you down there. It is also really hard to get out. Farther Reasearch will find more information about this way of being.
I like that girl" "mmmmmm Cofre Kulao
by Kulauranse14 November 16, 2010
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