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A Cry baby, a "sharer", a landmark forum going explorer, a vulnerable open wound, love sick puppy, who falls in love rarely, but when he does, it wrecks him deeply, but who is at the same time a nymphomaniac playboy who searches for strange Vagina with the gusto of a power eater in a hotdog eating contest. A talented writer with a silver tongue who will charm the pants off any girl and create laughter for all his peers, yet so passively aggressively acute that he inspires vitriol of the highest level. A gentle soul with the boiling anger of a 1000 suns.
I started dating this hot guy named Dan, who was charming, great in bed and hilarious. Everything was going so well, but he pulled away out of nowhere and broke up with me. I felt really rejected and after a few months of waiting for him to come around, I decided to move on. Then seemingly out of nowhere he pulls a Kueppers and through a river of tears, he tells me he loves me. I was so confused, that while I was totally flattered, I didn't know what to do. So I backed off and he did as well. I am truly baffled as what happened. I still get texts from time to time. They range from jokes to heartbreaking professions.
by Meechymeech November 29, 2012
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