same as slick and fucken tight
if u wanna use it u may and might
but dont think of them during night
if u dont want a fookin big fight!
by slobberulez May 06, 2003
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A German name with the beginnings in the red light district of Berlin where ladies of ill repute would suck and fuck large animals for money! Later immigrating to America and starting beastly sex shows across the country! Eventually settling in Chester Illinois where they have sucked the life out of the residents for decades! Beware of the one who was named Susan as she is the leader of the cult!
kuehne sucks
by Jamingdammin July 11, 2017
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A bad ass teacher who seems to appear from nowhere and punch you in the arm. Also the funniest teacher alive.
"My arm hurts"
"Mr Kuehn"
by Mr-notron yb cetnamys March 04, 2011
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