A term used by idiots thinking that it is the singulal form of kudos when kudos is accualy the singular form of 'kudos' the plural form of kudos is pronounced 'coo-doze' and the singular form is pronounced 'coo-dose' both are spelled the same.
On Dictionary.com kudo is defined as a real word. under the defanition of kudos they explain that kudo is incorrect. you may be thinking 'But if lots of people use it it's a word' well lots of people arereally fuckin' stupid, too, should we just accept their standards?

Thanks to George Carlin
Idiot: "I got a kudo from about my cool shirt today"
Non-Idiot: "I'm going to kill you very very slowly using a fork and a broken pice of glass"
by LoosCannon April 17, 2004
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A statement in support of someone or something. Often used in online communities to signify a comment that is welcomed, and which is considered to be the opposite of a flame.
Thanks for the kudos
by Netal Beattie February 20, 2009
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Male: I just got some online poon!
Other male: KUDOS!
by SallyJoe August 8, 2007
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Online slang used by hardcore MSN and Chat room addicts to give the impression that they are "cool" or socially gifted when in reality they are either 35 year old male virgins or morons trying desperately to seek recognition through use of slang online verbage.
Person 1: "Kudos!"
Person 2: "Saying kudos doesn't make you cool, idiot."

Person 1: "Hey, I said Kudos, I'm cool! I'm hardcore!"
Person 2: "You're nothing but a lousy good-for-nothing retard. Go eat bleach and die. Or just die. However you do it, just die."
by Tyde Bands October 25, 2005
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A sex act so horrific the computer screen would reject it if typed. Only possible in Manhasset, NY.
Salman hasn't been the same after all those kudos.
by David Ost September 8, 2006
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This is when Herb fortresses lick implants over a wall.
The way forward is to jump the fortress wall kudos you do it! (To get in someone's blogg) I am better than you (not Kudos). Herb's (Hack everyones recorded blog) are another name for winners of appreciation. Kudos boy’s n girls. An implant is a web blogger that is only interested in getting more web friends by giving Kudos to your blog shpeal.
by Mofo Lee November 26, 2005
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Kudo Shinichi is a death magnet who 'One day, when he was at a theme park with his childhood sweetheart, Mouri Ran. He encountered some men in black involved in some shady business.' Being the noisy hot meitantei we all know him as, he followed and watch them trade guns with cash. Being extremely interested in the shade, he failed to notice the other man in black sneaking behind him and knocking him out with a stick/baseball bat/pole (depends on which movie/anime episode you were watching) and fell unconscious.

For some unknown reason, Gin was feeling weirdly kind and decided to feed him the pill that our favourite girl Miyano Shiho aka Sherry was working on at the time. So Shinichi swallowed it and guess what? He shrunk, into an identity he now currently use most often, Edogawa Conan.
A: He's such a Kudo Shinichi, no matter where he go something bad happens, like a murder or a robbery.
B: But he's so hot and smart and popular!
A: Exactly.
by wiceace February 23, 2020
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