The act of breaking into an elderly woman's house, while skull fucking a female in the eye socket, on top of said elderly woman's dryer...while it is drying her panties.

The elderly woman may not be related to either candidate, and must be chosen at random. Also note, that nursing homes are not valid.
Guy: Hey, do you wanna come over my neighbors house tonight? I'll give you kudos!

Girl: No way Jose! I'd like to keep my eye in my head!
by char_df November 29, 2009
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Kudos- good for them a form of endearment
Kudos to those who have love in there harts
by EMILY MONFET July 29, 2008
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Reference to Acts 14:14.
When two men tear their clothes and run off into a crowd to talk about men.
Friend 1: hey brah, ya wanna go kudos with me in Times Square?
Friend 2: sorry man I went kudos yesterday.
by cougar744316 May 01, 2011
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A sex act so horrific the computer screen would reject it if typed. Only possible in Manhasset, NY.
Salman hasn't been the same after all those kudos.
by David Ost September 07, 2006
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When an RF Engineer does something really bad.
Kudos, Daniel.
by Hoozyo April 16, 2009
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This is when Herb fortresses lick implants over a wall.
The way forward is to jump the fortress wall kudos you do it! (To get in someone's blogg) I am better than you (not Kudos). Herb's (Hack everyones recorded blog) are another name for winners of appreciation. Kudos boy’s n girls. An implant is a web blogger that is only interested in getting more web friends by giving Kudos to your blog shpeal.
by Mofo Lee November 25, 2005
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