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A very nice person, fun to tease, likes to rap/dance, popular. He is just one of those people that everyone likes to hangout with ALL THE TIME. He is extremely funny, smart-ish, great dancer, and all the girls like him. He is known best for his funny/nice personality. He is also one of the biggest goofballs I have ever met.
Person1: Ksaun is so nice! He is like, everybodys best friend!
by AnonymouslyAwesomeAria May 24, 2018
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He is a hot,nice,sweet man who gets all the hoes. He will stick up for his homies and his family and he will beat a nigga's ass if they mess with his homies. He is very muscular and plays sports. He gets lit all night and smokes weed until he starts seeing shit.
"That man Ksaun is hot af "
by that one nigga on the block January 25, 2018
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