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Is the name of a girl who's complexity is utterly baffling, one who could not be simply understood right away and is sure to remain an enigma till you commit yourself long enough and experience Armageddon 69 times, an observant fellow, probably the most observant one you'll ever meet, cunning and ambitious, despite all these traits she shows her affection in the cutest of ways and in ways you never can see coming, she'll always be worth your time as she somehow takes the role of a paintbrush that brings color to the canvas which is your boring story of existence making you see life in iridescence, opening your eyes for you to be in awe of her, shining in spectacular pigments you never knew existed - a true beauty to behold, one worth keeping, one worth marrying.
"Mark loves Krystiel" (di na pinugos eggs dee)

"Krystiel is such a Krystiel, Mark should marry her soon"

by howdareyoutakemypseudoname January 11, 2019
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