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She tries to keep others happy but, she's hurting the most. She's a wonderful person especially, in bed . She can hold a grudge so make sure you don't piss her off. She'll hide her feelings but, as you get to know her you start to understand them. She's very smart but, tries to hide it. If you are loyal to a Krysha she'll always have a place for you in her heart. Krysha's are kind, smart, funny, and amazing. Not to mention, they tend to be thicc .
Wow, Krysha is one Thiccy Nicki
by Thiccy Nicky October 17, 2018
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Aka: Kdog, Squishna, Krish, Trish, Krista, Krishna, Harry.

Fabulous. Stubborn. Artistic. Intelligent. Humourous. Grammar geek. Unique. May experience spurts of only-child-itis. Storyteller: beware of many sentences that begin with, 'And then...'
Krysha won't share with me. Must be her only-child-itis kicking in.

Krysha is fabulous!
by Kdog3 February 04, 2010
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