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- A type of crop made by farmers indulged into produce which is later sold for other valuables. People use krope as an amusing method to symbolize crops; and some who do not know how to state the word "crop", may use krope. Krope is being used by many elderly women who do not speak English properly and need it to be translated.
--> Farmers in the Middle East love their kropes as well as the summer which is when they start indulging in more kroping than the rest of us.
- " Call your sister from the barrels to help with kropes this season because last time, she did not care to even step foot into the sun dry farm" called out Farmer Gill.
- The day was coming to an end as the kropes had soon started to dry up more and more. Farmer Gill knew the children were never going to help with the kropes this year, so he decided to put some cold water on them to ensure they would be able to do some work.
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by Warriors25 May 15, 2018
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A weird ass dude who usually is a creep and smells real bad. like everybody in his class at school is like damn you smell like straight ass cheeks dude
Yo that kid is a friggin krope
by Eric (slim shady) cartman November 22, 2011
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