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Is probably a great friend and an amazing person. Lover of KPOP and is usually very good at procrastinating. Can sleep for upwards of 25 hours at a time, yet refuses to sleep. That one person that you wouldn't want to let out of your sight, just in case. She'll tell you that she hates you, when really I don't think she does. Most happy around her 12 cats.
"Wow, I feel like such a Kristija right now"
"That girl is SUCH a Kristija"
by depresso_stresso December 04, 2017
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The act of not sleeping at all for over 30 hours due to excessive procrastination
Dude, I had like 42 essays to write in 2 weeks, but I kept procrastinating so I was forced to pull a Kristija.
by heykristijalookatthis February 07, 2018
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An amazing and sweet and funny and drop-dead-GORGEOUS friend who is always there for you. It's 3AM and you're stressing about an essay you haven't finished yet? Kristija is there for you! Need a hug because you're feeling sad? Kristija is there for you! She's such a blessing to have as a friend and is also slightly concerningly obsessed with K-pop.
I had so much stress for the test today, but luckily Kristija was there for me to help me calm down.
by heykristijalookatthis February 12, 2018
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