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The secular, non-commercial alternative to Christmas. Celebrated on the 25th of December, it is a time for celebrating with family and friends. The goals of peace on earth and universal good will are emphasized and encouraged. Decorations often include lights and ornaments, usually on evergreen trees and wreaths. Singing Krismus carols is also popular.

No gifts are exchanged at Krismus, but small tokens of affection in thought and deed are prevalent. Krismus has no connection to any particular religion, although many of the traditions date back to pagan festivals. Instead, it is a time to reflect and embrace a spirit of tolerance.

"Krismus" can be differentiated from "Christmas" in speech by pronouncing each word phonetically. Thus Christmas may be pronounced as "Christ Mass," with special emphasis on the "t" to avoid confusion with Krismus.
Merry Krismus and a Happy New Year!
Let's sing Krismus carols and decorate the Krismus tree!
by P.A.H. July 02, 2008
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