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Kriplops are created when you put a time machine inside of another time machine, one time machine is going forwards in time the other going backwards in time, tearing fabric of space time, allowing Kriplops to transfer between dimensions.

If the outside time machine is going forwards it makes a positive Kriplop if its going backwards it makes a negative kriplop, negative Kriplops depresses the body, and positive Kriplops stimulate the body. Neutral Kriplops are formed in the space between the time machine outside and the time machine inside...and are Lethal to humans.

You hear Kriplops through your fingertips, It enters your body through your fingertips, and gives you a sense of Euphoria...and fills you with an energy that causes your body to give off light the color dependant on your origional mood.
I can feel the Kriplops rushing through my body
by Kriplop_King July 07, 2011
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