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A religion worshiping The God of gaming, Known only as Krin.
They Worship at a given website which contains humorous quotes and even more humorous people. Created By a person in the alias of Veragoot, A notorious spammer of the aforementioned website, the religion has few followers at the time being. Also Seeming to be opposed By a group known as Krinonymous. Worshiping includes praying to Krin for a new game, And including yourself in such activities as their unique forum games.
We are Krinonymous, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect Us.
Join the game for fame! Become a Krinolagist!
I Spam Krinology! /spam
by Krinonymous March 04, 2008
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How to apply scientific principle to the examination of fact, to derive any and all relationships that might exist between the facts being examined. The judgment of judgment. (It is only a game for the prejudiced to use as a way to scapegoat others.)
The endo-crinology determined the cause of death was influenza. The judicial system doesn't rely on enough krinology.
by hate art and gaming November 20, 2012
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