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(krag'nar) pr.noun: Kragnar is a demonic creature that spawned out of the center of "The Devil's Hole" in Putnam county. Kragnar is an ugly monster that resembles a Fat Gothic girl, but with john belushi face as he would look now. Small horns bud out of the top of Kragnar's black gelled down hair, and it also has and small mouth that extends from it's normal mouth like in aliens. several tenticles can be seen seen snatching small children that walk by to be absorbed into its body. It travels by night with its larged leathery wings that sprout out of its back, causeing nohing but evil and havok to those that live in the 352 area. Kragnar has been labeled as a hoax by some, but a threat by others. like bigfoot the locness monster, and other mystical creatures, Kragnar is almost impossible to capture a good picture of. if i can say anything, to you, it would be not to be a hero! dont try to capture this beast or take pictures without expert will die. the only known photograph of Kragnar was taken by a young irish lad named Ryan O'malley. though the flash was off and he was never heard from again, you can see the demonic outline of Kragnar as it devours his body.
Kragnar WILL kill joke. it aint funny
by Steele Fresh September 09, 2006
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