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Kosei is a common Japanese name for a boy, and its meaning is navigation and life. He is probably the nicest person you will ever meet in your lifetime. He is usually very athletic and also strives in academics.
Kosei is a genius
by okgoasteaikoo November 12, 2018
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Kosei, Nice rims, Kosei K1 Racing, and Kosei K1's look really nice on 88-91 civic hatchbacks
Look at my sweet Kosei rims!
by killo January 26, 2005
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Something found in the inner rectum, with a disgusting smell that is surprisingly satisfying. The human manifestation of such a thing, would most definitely be a pervert. A pervert who likes to touch the Koseis of other men.
*sneaks up behind a guy taking a dump* "Hey man, can I feel your Kosei"
"Ew, get away from me perv!"
by enchilada_supremo May 16, 2015
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