Korbin is a gender neutral name. This is the type of girl to throw a Halloween party in a garage, vomit from Smirnoff and Bacardi and get up an hour later off the floor and say “ I got four more blunts”
Korbin went hard af last night. Or Korbin’s. Crazy mother fucker
by Larry jones May 23, 2019
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She is super sweet and usually a bit shy once you first meet her, she opens up a lot after time though. She is loving, caring, and the most trustworthy person anyone could ever meet. She will always make you smile and chuckle. If you're in a bad mood, she will always come to the rescue with her hugs and advice. She can make any bad situation turn better. She won't give up at anything and will always compliment you. VERY OPTIMISTIC, she likes animals and spending time with her friends. The most trustworthy friend a guy/girl could ask for!
Have met Korbin??

She’s really nice!!
Girl version of Korbin
by Kregorny December 15, 2019
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