1. (Noun) Becoming an almighty, daodan being which leads to you having an insatiable appetite for purple hair and a bitchy voice that shouts, "Rising fury!" every time something does not go you way.

2. (Verb) To rising fury punch or devil spin kick your boss in the testicular area. The state of testicular destruction of you boss due to unnecessarily lengthy movements that appear to be martial arts.

3. (Adj) The state of acting konoko like in behaviour or demeanor.
ex. (Noun) That girl has become an holy konoko. That konoko will surely kill us all.

ex. (verb) If you do not give me a raise, I will konoko you to death! Your mother just konokoed you father for looking at another woman.

ex.(Adj) He is acting very konoko because he kicked his boss there.
by Onimotoko April 1, 2011
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