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To go anal without permission during consensual sex, thus making the sex non-consensual.
She chased him out of the bedroom and threw his pants at him. Never again would he go Kobe Style on a woman he cared about.
by Tim Bax August 24, 2003
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A sex position were u bend the bitch over chair and do her in the ass/pussy
Kobe- bend over bitch, or ill make u
Ho- Ok big daddy which chair u want me to use
by Brendan May 06, 2005
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kobe style dosent refer to the way you have anal sex as the other definitions suggest, but rather when you dribble the ball,fake step to the left and cut right through your defender and finish it all off with a reverse windmill when coming off the base-line...

in a kobe-esque kind of way
you just got shook up and dunked on, KOBE STYLE!
by tha truth teller July 20, 2006
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