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Knuck-le nuhk-uh’l smudge smuhj noun, verb, -ling

A smudge of poo, crap, or shit created under the extreme conditions of wiping one’s ass while sitting on the crapper, and knowing or unknowingly smashing the cling-on against the seat and the back of the hand.

The result of missing ones ass with toilet paper, during the act of wiping.
The child was not properly trained to use the toilet, hence craped all over the toilet seat. The little Knucklesmudgling will follow in its parent’s footsteps.

The patron entered the public restroom and observed a brownish/black streak left on the toilet seat by the previous occupant, aka "Knucklesmudge".

The bulk of the human species that lives on planet earth that has no common sense otherwise known as a "Knucklesmudge".
by King Knuckle December 09, 2011
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