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Marijuana, the dutchie, pot, the good shit, the brown shit, stinky, schwaggy, purple, trees, the purple trees, sticky icky, Mary Jane, Maria Juanita, the knows,

Can be used as a verb, noun, adverb, pronoun. It is both singular and plural, and as well can be used interjectionally.

Knowboutits- noun
knowinboutit- verb
been knowinboutit- past tense verb usage
steady knowin- present tense verb usage
Famous: Ehh you Stevie boy; Whatchaknow?
Stevie boy: Got them bout-its, you fittin to know?
Famous: Word, we should knowboutit a bunch and get a bite.
Lil baby P top: Word, a bite!
Donny : I just drank a cup of bong water. FUCK PRICE!
Tall Dude: Damn these are some good knowboutits!
Uma: Have you guys seen my laptop?
by Whatchaknowboutit July 27, 2010
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