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'Knockout King' is a frightening phenomenon that has claimed lives across the country as teenagers and young adults seek out sick thrills. In the planned attacks, a group will appoint a leader and then choose a defenceless victim at random. The leader then steps up to the victim and punches them out cold.

Many believe the phenomenon is driven by a thirst for attention. It is well known that juveniles don't think out consequences clearly, they see something on YouTube and say, “I want to get that sort of attention, too.” They don't think about the person they're attacking maybe hitting their head.’
One recent example that sparked outrage across the country was footage that surfaced from a Chicago train station.

Knockout King was a group of young males were seen following an elderly homeless man, before punching him in the face and knocking him out. The youths then jumped on a train, laughing at their sickening exploits.

The horrific video received a quarter of a million views within two days after it was posted on a hip hop website.
by 1966Mustang December 31, 2011
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