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- Any working class area of an Irish city (e.g. Mayfield in Cork, Ballybeg in Waterford, west Tallaght or Ballymun in Dublin). Can also be used to refer to the entire city of Limerick.
- Derives from knacker + "Nicaragua" and originates from the early '80s when that country was much in the news for being something of a troublespot.
- Such an area will be populated by skangers, norries, skobes, chavs and of course the ludakrisly laughable wiggaz.
- The polar opposite of D4
- "You're where? Neilstown? If you think I'm coming over to Knackeragua to pick you up, you must have shit for brains!"
- "Liffey Valley? Oh yeah, the shops are kewell but it's in the middle of Knackeragua."
by Mick F November 06, 2005
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