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Study of antisocial behaviours associated with the use of medical pathological lying. Often confused with politician, the Kloepperan has absolutely no clue about the meaning of words in the first place. The tendancy of Kloepperans to adopt politian traits is more likely due to a survival mechanism fairly well understood. The main difference being an incapacity to communicate in a rational manner. In females, it is usually coupled with a sense of inadequacy that translate into misanthropy (hate of the male). Promising research tries to link the condition to a human variant of the Mad Cow disease. The first known case of the Kloepper syndrome stems from Kloepper, a shrewd individual that reportedly could lie and contradict herself many times in one sentence and would resort to libels and slanders against any kind of achievers.

Related terms

to kloepperize: Use of malappropriate, inaccurate or discredited discourse in order to cause harm (Ex: Overuse of positive/negative characterizations to describe individuals. Use of the 80-20 rule and focus on the 80 part instead of the 20 part, contrary to the theory, to impede improvements. Overuse of bigotry and veiled racist, sexist and stereotyped references)

Say a kloepper: Similar to a false syllogism, except that there is no intent to be rational in the first place.

dirt off a Kloepper's back: irrational dismissal of problems before knowing what the problem is.

Kloeppian bargain: the expression originates from Faustian bargain. Bargain made when there is absolutely no hope that the other party will keep its promise.

Kloeppian tactics: expression similar to Fabian tactics (to wear out an opponent by delay and evasion rather than confrontation). The opponent is also worn out by relentless nonsense communication.

Kloepper of all Trades: People thinking they can do something when they are clearly incompetent.

kloeppera non grata: An undesirable and contemptible person.

Kloepper's law: (Ex: "If something can go wrong, I will make it happen")
"These days, Kloepperism is everywhere"
by Susan Johnston February 04, 2005
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