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A hand-made dice and number game manufactured in Durango Colorado. The game is made of wormy-maple wood and features a boxed area where the dice are rolled, with individual wooden numbers from 1 to 9. A minimum of 2 players (there is no maximum amount of players) each take a turn rolling the dice; after each roll the player will take down the numbers that were rolled. For example, if player 1 rolls a 6, the player can take down the number 6, or a combination thereof, like the numbers 2 and 4, so long as the numbers taken down match what was rolled. The player will continue to roll until there are no more number combinations available; whatever number combinations are left are added up, and that is that players score. The goal of the game is to score the lowest point possible; if you score a zero you "klack." Every other player in the round will then proceed to roll; lowest score or a “klack” wins. If there’s a tie, the “two-tie, all-tie” rule kicks in and everyone Klacks again!
I was in Durango Colorado and played Klackers
by Lester Bongs October 27, 2018
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a 20 - 30 something woman who always wears high heal shoes (usually Stilettos). Name for the sound they would make walking / running across a hardwood floor.
The Klackers in the office are getting together for happy hour tonight.
by BiCoastalBig D September 21, 2008
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Person who, while running or walking, falls forward, hitting their face and hands on the floor (usually pavement or concrete). The sharp sound produced by the person hitting the ground is "Klack!" Henceforth, they are a Klacker.

falling fall drop floor ground collapse collapsing tripping
My cousin was running laps in middle school when he fell and made "klack", so now I call him Klacker.

by Bithevoom April 25, 2008
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