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Kjh-Lajhni she has a passion for what she loves and will not silence her voice for anyone. She has beautiful spirit that she does not withhold. She is friendly and gregarious and takes her friendships very seriously. She is fun and fun loving and loves to talk. She loves to keep up on the latest gossip and enjoys stirin' the pot and make life interesting. Beware because she is a flirt and will flirt and uses her flirtatious devices to catch her prey. But do not mistake this for commitment because you are just one in the long string of broken hearts left behind by flirtatious seductions. Do not fall for her sneaky tricks, she may ask you about her body and figure but this only a ploy to draw you to her. She a hot latte looking vibrant girl. While she may be a fun flirty girl take note that her bad side is quite the opposite. She likes to argue and debate and has a fierce wrath. But overall she is a spontaneous spirit, a lover, and generally happy about life. She has a loving smile and happy heart. To be a true friend to her is to have a friend for life!
Kjh-Lajhni is a flirt
by KJHdef. October 18, 2012
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