Some of the coolest people i've met. A fun-loving group of people and I have awesome memories getting smashed with them in Europe. They can drink and party it up like champions.
Kiwis are pretty damn cool.
by Call me the Mayor November 06, 2006
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Someone who doesn't like to be mistaken for an Aussie,but its always amazed if you get it correct.
Supply teacher:OK kids,where am I from?
Smart kid in the corner:New Zealand.

The Kiwi accent is softer.
by SomeoneNew May 13, 2011
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People from New Zealand. Do not shag sheep, contrary to popular belief.
'Oh, here comes another Kiwi, hide your sheep'
'How about you hide your sheep, aussie... you have more sheep than New Zealand, numbnuts'
by Carmii April 30, 2005
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originates from the kiwi bird.

People who live in New Zealand, the country right next to (or pretty close to) Australia. Not an offensive term, but can be offensive if it has a nasty word before or after it. A Kiwi is usually a good bloke, and has a big rivalry to Australia when it comes to sport. You'd offend a New Zealander by calling him an Aussie, but they don't hate each other that much (i'd hope), and would stick up for each other if it came to arguements with America, for example. Do not shag sheep.

The All Blacks is a "kiwi" team.
by Nielsen December 09, 2006
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1. <noun> A person from New Zealand. The term is very commonly used because the alternative, "New Zealander", is perceived as being kind of long and cumbersome.

2. <adjective> From, of or relating to New Zealand. This term is very commonly used because the country of New Zealand doesn't really have any other adjective ("New Zealandic" or "New Zealandish" are not correct).

3. <noun> A small, brown flightless bird indigenous to New Zealand. A common national symbol for New Zealand.

4. <noun> A fruit (also known as a "kiwifruit", a "Chinese gooseberry" or a "melonette") which originates from southern China, but is today grown in many parts of the world, notably Italy and New Zealand.
1. Kiwis have cooler accents than Aussies!

2. A Kiwi family moved in next door.

3. I'd love to see a kiwi in the wild.

4. A single kiwi isn't much of a lunch!
by backpacker_x2 March 22, 2011
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A person from New Zealand.
"'I'm a Kiwi.'
'Like, the bird?'"
by englishbird November 22, 2010
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Kiwi is a friendly nickname for a New Zealander.

This is WRONG:
" Kiwi's are usually a tough and hard sort of people and are gangsta, especially coming from west, east or south Auckland." That is not true. Anyone born in New Zealnd is considerd a Kiwi, which is NOT a abusive term nor is it limited to pakehas (non maori New Zealander) a Kiwi is a New Zealander.

This is coming from a Kiwi so anyone who says Kiwi is a abusive term or only for "gangsta" maoris then they are sooo wrong!!
Proud to be kiwi
by southfield November 12, 2010
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