1.) In the medieval period and up until the present, rank was often signified by the wearing of a ring (i.e. Popes, Kings, Dukes, etcetera). One would kiss a person ring to show submission to authority. 2.) Parodied today by the detail that the anus is referred to as, and one might argue resembles, a ring...
1.) 'My liege' bending down on one knee and kissing extended hand bearing ring

2.) Turning one's arse toward a person perceived as an idiot and uttering 'Kiss my ring!'
by Nehustan September 22, 2010
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A person who invites another to "Kiss my Ring", invites the person theoretically to kiss in and around the anal opening. Originally from the Brynmill area of Swansea, usually used by pervy students
"Just walk onto it"
"Eurgh.. Kiss my ring"
by Nuuuuh..Batman! February 1, 2009
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originated in the student area of tafalgar place brynmill, the expression in which a personn invites another individual to kiss "in and around" the anal opening. Usually used in banter or other sarcastic phrases. This phrase is rarely used literally, unless they are up for "shits and gigs"
Batman once wrote on a picture comment "kiss my ring", as the the comment made about her was offensive banter! It was said to get her own back, and create a mildly disturbing vision in the recievers mind!
by Megan-Batman October 17, 2008
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