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ridiculously shy introverted girl who is obsessed with anime but tries to hide it. Loves cute adorable things and creepy violent bloody things. Is super socially awkward and accidentally uses horrible humor or awkward quietness as a defense when uncomfortable. Is really quiet around groups of people. but if with one person she will feel secure and open up more, using actually good humor and trying to start a conversation that doesn't involve dead pets or scenarios about killing. Is afraid of rejection, so tries to hide her true self under a mask of reading books and doodling on math homework paper's. Is not really certain of anything and has a completely different personality on the internet.
"Hey kiryalea, do you want to go to a party?" *kiryalea hides behind a tree*

"Don't be so shy! Its ok!" *Kiryalea trys to turn invisible*

"Come on! Your fine! Stop being so shy!" *Kiryalea trys to walk away unnoticed*

"Fine! I'll drag you there!" *Kiryalea goes to the part and spends the whole time there with a cat*
by kirika July 26, 2015
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