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Used to decribe someone who is seen to be indescribable.

They are amazing, sexy, hot, gorgeous, Beautiful and so you call them Kiriaki.
Kiriaki is also Someone who is Abso'fuckin'lutely Funny and Hilarious, that if you spent ten minutes with them you will be crying on the floor with laughter.

If you think someone is Kiriaki then you must need them, and if you didnt have them then your life wouldnt be complete. They make you smile whenever you see them and you LOVE them alot just because She is Kiriaki!

A girl who is Known as Kiriaki Also has Lots of Boys who want her ;) and all the Girls want to be her!
Boy #1: Maan that girl's FLYYYY Breddaaa!

Boy #2: Ouch Naaah Lowe Flyyy that Girl's KIRIAKI!

Boy #1: Ohh never thats the Kiriaki Girl? I heearrrd aboout her. My ex Wanted to be her! I can see why!

Boy #1&2&3&4&5&6&7&8&9: Yo i want my Girl to be Kiriaki!
by Filakia12345 April 03, 2010
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