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A great town in SW London, not in Surrey as someone else wrote. in fact, it hasn't been in Surrey since 1965, when they created Greater London. Has Kingston University, many good shops, pubs, and several large nightclubs. And the river Thames, of course. This is particularly popular with drunken students of a weekend in summer, who either sit beside it at one of the many riverside pubs, drinking, or, fall in and drown, or catch Weil's disease from the water coming from the sewage works farther up the Hogsmill river, which convieniently joins it near the aforesaid riverside pubs.
Did you you get accepted into Oxford uni then? No, but even better, I'm going to Kingston-upon-Thames!

Say for your 21st, let's go to Oceana in Kingston!
by Musical Man December 30, 2010
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