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An amazing band. They have come sooo far and I will always love them. They have an amazing fanbase. They are some of the nicest guys ever and they always know how to have a good time and connect with their fans and they always stay down to earth. Also the band members are extremely attractive ;) The memebers are Ricky Ficarelli, David Michael Frank and Jose Mostajo
Chloe: Do you know who King The Kid is?

Emily: Aren't they that amazing band? They have some awesome music!

Jessica: Yeah and all of the memebers are SOOO hot!

Alli: KTK? Yeah. I'd tap that
by AlliTheKid March 10, 2013
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A band composed of the 3 most amazing, talented, down to earth, humble, harworking, sweet guys in the whole entire world.
King the Kid on itunes
King the Kid on Twitter
Ricky Ficarelli
David Michael Frank
Jose Mostajo
by Llama the Kid March 05, 2013
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A band composed of the most hardworking guys in the world. They've only been a band for 9 months, but they have accomplished more than some bands do in 5 years. Their music, fans, and personalities are so inspirational, and continue to gain more and more fans by the day. Their cover of "Wrecking Ball" has attracted quite the audience with the amount of porn and sexitude. David Michael Frank, Jose Mostajo (Mostaco), and Ricky Ficarelli are the sweetest guys you'll ever meet. And they're steller, The rumors say they're also packing heavy.
Clare: Have you heard of King the Kid?
Chloe: Yea! I saw the lead singer nekked!
by lilcthebasedgod September 15, 2013
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