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Ford Motor Company devotes all of it's high performance energies to the V8 Mustangs, such as "Bullit", "GT", "Mach 1", "COBRA", and "GT500".

So what do you call a V6 Mustang with over 300 HP? The slang term is "King Snake".
The SHELBY CS6 is a good example of a "King Snake". It has a SuperCharged V6 making 350 HP.
by Carman Guya October 07, 2006
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A top predator at the top of his game. A King Snake has turned being a snake into an art form. Using his snake like charm to seduce and get what he wants, he cares very little about upsetting others.

A King Snake tends to regard himself low down on the snakey scale. This is all part of a King Snakes weaponry.

The name Rob is synonymous with the term King Snake.
"You know that Rob? He's the King Snake."

"Nobody is safe tonight, the King Snake is out"
by TheArabianPrince June 23, 2018
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The act of having a vasectomy for the sole purpose of tricking your spouse/girlfriend into believing that you are indeed trying the have a baby. The relationship between a kingsnake and a coral snake, although they may look close to the same one is far more dangerous.
Man 1: My wife wants to have a baby, so i went and had a vasectomy and did not tell her.
Man 2: oh so you went and had a Kingsnake
Man1: Yes I will be kingsnaking for the next 6 months.
by Optimustri August 10, 2011
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